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The Corrigan Moving Difference

Chris Corrigan Moving Inc. has been chosen as the #1 local moving service in Rhode Island and New England for over a century because our experience, pricing, and dependability can’t be beat. 


When it comes to choosing a moving company to entrust with the task of relocating your precious belongings, the quality of the personnel handling your move plays a crucial role in your satisfaction…and wallet. One key factor that sets Chris Corrigan Moving apart from our competitors is our staff of dedicated and skilled employees. Rather than relying on contract laborers or seasonal hires, we take the utmost pride in our employee retention and the decades of experience our staff of moving experts bring with them to each individual job:

The Corrigan Moving team are expertly-trained and experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of the nuances of the moving process. They undergo rigorous training to ensure they possess the necessary skills to handle various items, including fragile and valuable belongings. Seasonal hires or contract laborers lack the same level of training and experience, increasing the risk of accidents and damage during the move.

When you hire a moving company that employs its own staff, you benefit from a higher level of accountability. The employees have a vested interest in upholding the company’s reputation and ensuring the safety of your belongings. In contrast, temporary workers or contract laborers may have less commitment to the company’s success and may not prioritize your items’ care the way we promise to do.


Our employees work year-round, which means they bring a level of consistency to your move that seasonal hires or contract laborers cannot match. Consistency in service ensures that the same high-quality standards are upheld every time you hire Corrigan, resulting in a seamless moving experience.

Our movers understand the importance of personalized service and are more likely to accommodate specific requests or address any concerns you may have— even before you have them!

Moving involves the use of specialized equipment such as dollies, straps, and packing materials. Chris Corrigan Moving employees are well-versed in the proper use of this equipment, which contributes to the efficiency and safety of your items in transport. In contrast, seasonal hires or contract laborers may lack familiarity with these tools, potentially leading to delays or mishandling.

Moving can present unexpected challenges, from navigating narrow staircases to dealing with heavy or awkwardly shaped furniture. Our employees have the problem-solving skills to overcome these obstacles efficiently and safely. Our moving experts can anticipate potential issues on-site and plan accordingly.

Each member of our staff has completed a background check. You can be confident that the individuals handling your belongings are experienced professionals who are committed to protecting your belongings every step of the way.

While contract laborers and seasonal hires may appear cost-effective, hiring Corrigan Moving assures you will always have three men, on-time, and the ability to move your furniture as efficiently as humanly possible and without damage—which always equates to a more affordable move.The expertise, accountability, consistency, personalized service, equipment knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and trustworthiness of our staff makes them the superior choice when it comes to safeguarding your valuable possessions. 


Every time you call, you will speak with the owner, Chris Corrigan. Being able to speak with the owner before, during, and after a move offers numerous advantages compared to dealing solely with various customer representatives. This direct line of communication guarantees the most personalized and efficient moving experience possible. Before the move, consulting with the owner allows you to establish a direct rapport and build trust. You can discuss your specific needs, preferences, and any concerns you might have, ensuring that the company understands your specific requirements— which Chris will personally pass along to your moving team. During the move, having access to the owner can expedite problem-solving. If unexpected issues arise or if you require last-minute adjustments to the moving plan, you can communicate directly with the person who has the authority to make decisions. This saves time and prevents misunderstandings, leading to a worry-free relocation process. After the move, speaking with the owner enables you to provide immediate feedback on the service quality. This direct feedback loop helps Corrigan Moving continuously improve and maintain the high standards that have kept us in business for generations. It also allows you to address any post-move concerns promptly, ensuring that any issues are resolved to your satisfaction. Chris Corrigan’s personal involvement equates to the highest level of accountability and commitment to customer satisfaction. Chris is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure a positive moving experience for you.


Each move includes a Moving Manager/Foreman with 15+ years of experience at Chris Corrigan Moving—truly an expert in the industry. They will lead a team of 3 men including themselves, at minimum— included in the hourly rate. The benefits of such extensive expertise extend far beyond the surface and enable the most cost effective move:

A mover with two decades of experience has encountered a vast array of situations and challenges. They have honed their skills to perfection, making them exceptionally efficient at handling your belongings. They can expertly pack, load, and transport your items with precision, reducing the risk of damage or breakage.

The moving process is not always straightforward, and unexpected obstacles can arise. A seasoned mover has encountered these challenges before and knows how to adapt and find solutions quickly. They can navigate tight corners, handle delicate items, and troubleshoot logistical issues with ease.


Experience brings an inherent understanding of safety protocols and the importance of securing your possessions during transport. Movers with 20 years of experience are less likely to make costly mistakes, ensuring your items arrive at their destination unharmed.

 Longevity in the industry often signifies a commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction. Movers who have thrived for two decades have built a strong reputation, demonstrating their reliability and dedication to their immense skill and strength.

Seasoned movers have been through this thousands of times. They offer valuable advice, address your concerns, and provide a seamless, stress-free moving experience. Their ability to communicate effectively and build trust is why they’re there.

Our Moving Managers will save you time during the moving process. They know how to plan and execute each step with precision, minimizing unnecessary delays and making sure every minute is accounted for.

Our Moving Managers ability to handle challenges, ensure safety, and provide top-notch customer service makes their expertise is an invaluable asset during stressful time. When it comes to your precious belongings, the choice is clear: experience matters.

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