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Senior Moving Services


Chris Corrigan Moving has decades of experience moving our senior friends, family, and neighbors into senior living accommodations throughout Rhode Island and New England. Moving is an emotional and physically demanding process for anyone, but it can be especially challenging for seniors who are transitioning into senior or assisted living. It’s a significant life change that often comes with a mixture of apprehension, nostalgia, and anticipation. In these moments, we strive to be invaluable allies, providing seniors and their families with the support and expertise needed to make the transition as smooth and stress-free as possible. Let us carry the weight. 


One of the primary challenges seniors face when moving into assisted living is the emotional toll it takes on themselves and their loved ones. Leaving behind a home filled with cherished memories and a sense of independence can be incredibly difficult. We get it. Our movers understand the care and patience needed for such a move and provide seniors with the support they need.

Our moving managers who specialize in assisting seniors bring a level of compassion and empathy to their work that is crucial during this time. They understand that it’s not just about transporting furniture; it’s about helping individuals through a significant life change.

Building a rapport with seniors and their families is essential. In many cases, we’ve moved senior customers into their first home 60 years prior. We don’t take their trust for granted.

When speaking with Chris, you can create customized moving plans, taking into consideration the specific requirements and preferences of the individual moving. 

It’s no doubt that if you are lucky enough to reach your golden era, you’ve also acquired many fragile and valuable sentimental items along the way. Corrigan Movers provides packing materials and expert techniques to ensure the safe transport of these items during transit— at no additional cost.

Assisted living facilities may have unique accessibility requirements. We are well-versed in navigating these considerations, having experience in essentially every RI and MA senior living center, ensuring that seniors can effortlessly transition into their new living spaces.


Chris Corrigan Moving offers packing and unpacking services. This relieves seniors of the arduous task of packing up their home, which can be emotionally taxing, and ensures that their belongings are handled with care.

Professional movers who specialize in assisting seniors are trained to cater to their unique needs. They understand that every senior’s situation is different, and they adapt their services accordingly.

Our movers are trained to work efficiently and quickly. This minimizes the time seniors spend in a state of transition, allowing them to settle into their new living arrangements sooner. It also assures each move is as affordable as can be.

Chris Corrigan will handle the logistics, from scheduling to transportation, allowing seniors and their families to focus on the emotional aspects of the move.

Have the peace of mind to know your most cherished belongings will arrive without damage.


Moving seniors into assisted living is a significant life transition, one that should be handled with care, compassion, and expertise. Professional movers who specialize in assisting seniors play a crucial role in making this transition as smooth as possible. They understand the emotional aspect of the move, provide specialized services, reduce stress, and minimize physical strain, all while ensuring that seniors and their families have peace of mind throughout the process.

In these moments of change and uncertainty, professional movers become more than just service providers; they become trusted allies, offering support and understanding as seniors take their next step on the journey of aging with dignity and grace.

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