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Voted #1 Best Moving Company in Providence Journal's 2023 Community Choice Awards.

Municipal Moving Services

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Voted Best Moving Company in Rhode Island by Rhode Islanders

When it comes to municipal moving services in Rhode Island, the decision to choose the right moving company can have a significant impact on the efficiency, security, and success of the move. In 2023, the Providence Journal’s Community Choice Awards named Chris Corrigan Moving as the #1 Best Moving Company, which was nominated and voted by Rhode Island residents.

Recognition from a respected local source like the Providence Journal’s Community Choice Awards speaks volumes about our standards. This accolade demonstrates our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction as the leader in Rhode Island moving services.


When we say we are Rhode Island’s chosen moving company, we mean it. We have provided commercial moving services for many New England municipalities, from state and town offices, to schools and community centers. Here’s how the depth of our experience matters:

Moving an educational institution requires precision and care. From transporting valuable educational resources to ensuring a smooth transition for students and staff, our company has a proven track record in moving schools, guaranteeing minimal disruption to the learning environment. 

Town halls are the heart of local governance. Our company’s expertise in moving these important facilities ensures that essential government services continue without interruption during the move, fostering civic stability.

Police stations house critical equipment and sensitive information. Chris Corrigan Moving’s experience in moving these facilities ensures the safety and security of police operations during the transition, maintaining law enforcement effectiveness.

Housing Authorities play a crucial role in providing affordable housing for Rhode Island’s residents. Collaborating directly with Housing Authorities in every Rhode Island town is a testament to this company’s commitment to serving the local community.

By working directly with Housing Authorities, the company actively engages with the community, aligning with the values of transparency and accountability that municipal institutions represent.


The accolade of being the #1 Best Moving Company isn’t just a testament to the past; it reflects a commitment to continued excellence. Here’s why Rhode Islanders voted for Chris Corrigan Moving:

Choosing a company dedicated to excellence guarantees a high standard of service. Whether it’s meticulous planning, top-notch equipment, or skilled personnel, you can trust that every aspect of your municipal move will be handled with care and precision.

Municipal moves often come with tight schedules and little room for error. A company committed to excellence is one you can rely on to meet deadlines and fulfill promises.

Knowing that you’ve chosen the best in the business for your municipal move provides peace of mind. It allows you to focus on other essential aspects of the transition, confident that the moving process is in capable hands.


Call our owner Chris Corrigan to contract any government moving needs. 

Notable municipal moving clients include: 

  • North Providence Housing Authority 
  • Lincoln Housing Authority
  • Pawtucket Housing Authority
  • Woonsocket Housing Authority
  • Providence Housing Authority
  • Cumberland Housing Authority
  • Central Falls Housing Authority 
  • Newport Housing Authority
  • West Warwick Housing Authority
  • Lincoln Police Department
  • Multiple Rhode Island Schools

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