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Chris Corrigan Moving began as a heavy item moving service in 1900 with horse + carriage. We are able to provide the expertise, equipment, and protection to move and transport bulky items such as: pianos, pool tables, fitness equipment, grandfather clock’s etc. 

We are able to move items up to 1000lbs. In many cases these specialty items and precision instruments require professional assembly once transported and delivered in which case Chris Corrigan is happy to help. We are also able and willing to refer you to a specialist for tuning, etc.

Our team of movers includes multiple men with 25+ years of heavy item moving experience who will be on-site to lead the moving team. Chris Corrigan Moving is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured to move these valuable items. 


Moving a piano is a complex and delicate task that requires careful planning, specialized equipment, and experienced professionals. Pianos are not only heavy but also incredibly sensitive instruments that can be easily damaged if not handled with the utmost care. Whether you’re moving a piano within your home or to a new location, understanding what is needed to move a piano is essential to ensure its safe and successful relocation. We understand the importance of professional assistance and the right tools.

The first and most crucial requirement for moving a piano is enlisting the services of professional piano movers. Pianos are not like other household items; their size, weight, and delicate internal components make them susceptible to damage if not handled properly. Professional piano movers have the expertise and experience necessary to disassemble, pack, transport, and reassemble pianos safely. They are trained to handle different types of pianos, from uprights to baby grand pianos, ensuring that each instrument receives the care and attention it deserves.

Moving a piano requires specialized equipment to ensure both the safety of the piano and the movers. Here are some essential tools and equipment needed:

    • Piano Dolly: A piano dolly is a heavy-duty four-wheeled dolly designed to support the weight of the piano and allow for smooth movement. It should be equipped with padded straps to secure the piano during transport.
    • Moving Blankets: Thick moving blankets or padding should be used to wrap and protect the piano from scratches and impacts during the move.
    • Piano Skid Board: This device is used to tilt the piano onto its side, making it easier to navigate through doorways and narrow spaces.
    • Straps and Buckles: Heavy-duty straps and buckles are used to secure the piano to the dolly and prevent it from shifting during transport.


Before the moving day, it’s essential to conduct a thorough consultation with Chris Corrigan of both the piano and the route it will take during the move. A few things to consider before calling:

Different types of pianos require varying handling techniques. Upright pianos are relatively easier to move than grand pianos due to their size and weight.

Evaluate the piano’s current location and the destination, taking note of any obstacles, tight spaces, or stairs that may need special attention.

Pianos are sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. Ensure that the piano is moved during suitable weather conditions

Measure doorways, hallways, and staircases to ensure the piano can pass through without any issues. Clear any obstructions in the path.


Piano moving is not a one-person job. Even with the right equipment, it requires a team of skilled movers who can coordinate and communicate effectively. The team should have experience in handling pianos, be physically fit, and understand the nuances of piano transportation. This includes knowing how to balance the weight of the piano, pivot it safely, and navigate challenging corners and staircases.

Choosing the right transportation method is crucial when moving a piano. For local moves, a well-padded and properly equipped moving truck is what you need.


Owner, Chris Corrigan spent over a decade working on-site on the moving trucks, and will be able to provide an accurate assessment of what is needed to move your items safely on a case by case basis. 

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